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Extruders for pasta

Braibanti, Di Grano, Ital Pasta, Italvisa, Marcepan, Rheon,
Braibanti brand extruder 150 kg
Braibanti brand extruder 150 kg

Machine code: 170-258

Brand: Braibanti

1 extruder Machines Braibanti brand 150 kgs for pasta, long pasta screw type and others, including mass of snacks.

Tag: Braibanti main applications:
pasta factory
Pasta extruder Braibanti
Pasta extruder Braibanti

Machine code: 436-001

Brand: Braibanti

Pasta extruder machine for long screw type and other mass.

Manufactor: Braibanti
Extruder for pasta Italvisa
Extruder for pasta Italvisa

Machine code: 614-134

Brand: Italvisa

Extruder for pasta.

Brand: Italvisa.

Model: Pastaia 6.

Year: 2000....
Mass Extruder Italvisa
Mass Extruder Italvisa

Machine code: 463-780

Brand: Italvisa

Extruder of masses.

Brand: Italvisa.

Model: Pastaia 6.

With trafilas of lasagna and noodles.

To make fresh pasta, cooling system in the head, fan for pre-drying and automatic cutter.

Height: 1300 mm.

Width: 410 mm.

Length: 600 mm...
Line for fresh pasta ravioli
Line for fresh pasta ravioli

Machine code: 852-517

Brand: Braesi, Cetro, Gastromaq, HMT, Italvisa

Components: WEG


Upgrade: Made by HMT automation, control panel with WEG inverter, 220 V three-phase to 220 V single-phase.

Capacity: 50 kg / h.

Brand Name: HMT.

Voltage: 220 V.

Quick masseira.

Brand: Gastromaq.

Capacity: 5 kg / cycle...
Pasta extruder with  beater stainless Di Grano
Pasta extruder with beater stainless Di Grano

Machine code: 245-874

Brand: Di Grano

Pasta Extruder with Beater

Brand: Di Grano.

Model: P20.

Machine snail in bronze to maintain color and flavor.

Quick assembly and disassembly for exchange and cleaning.

Uses cooling system.

Equipment with coupled dough mixer....
Marcepan extruder Biscomaq 400 - New
Visualizar Vídeo Marcepan extruder Biscomaq 400 - New

Machine code: 316-832

Brand: Marcepan

400 Biscomaq extruder.

New machine.

Brand: Marcepan.

Model: Biscomaq 400.

Automatic machine for the production of cookies, pasta, pastries, flour, Christmas cookies, buttery buttery, honey, toothpicks, stars, mother-in-law language, a...
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles
Complete line for the production of spaghetti noodles

Machine code: 503-004

Complete line of spaghetti consisting of:
-automatic Dryer with complete rods.
-Mill to grind the leftover spaghetti to return.
-2 automatic packaging machines 500 g and 200 g

Production capacity...
Braibanti brand pasta extruder
Braibanti brand pasta extruder

Machine code: 011-220

Brand: Braibanti

Extruder Braibanti brand.
Approximately 300 pounds for masses in General....
Espagueteira Braibanti 500 kl
Espagueteira Braibanti 500 kl

Machine code: 882-803

Brand: Braibanti

Espagueteira Braibanti 500 kl, set Bloodsucker farina, packinghouse Mont Past.
the equipment is in operation....
Estendedeira flour presecagem press
Estendedeira flour presecagem press

Machine code: 664-341

Brand: Braibanti

Estendedeira flour presecagem press. (complete) Quantity: 4: Braibant Press extruder...
Spaghetti drying system
Spaghetti drying system

Machine code: 801-674

Brand: Braibanti, Brapenta

Drying system BGM spaghetti with 12Hp through suction and ventilation. The equipment was developed for extrusion of thermoplastics with a capacity of up to 500 kg/h
brapenta * k12k metal separator * metal separator FOREMOST

powder separator sid...
Line for long pasta with extruder brand Braibanti
Line for long pasta with extruder brand Braibanti

Machine code: 300-387

Brand: Braibanti

ML-extruder Braibanti Brand
Long Spaghetti type noodles line Mabra 500
capacity: 500 Kg/H
year: 1976

Extruder for candy filling
Extruder for candy filling

Machine code: 207-676

Extruder for candy filling...

Machine code: 654-656

Brand: Ital Pasta

Extruder-Mark ITALPASTA Italy source-30 production kg/h
measurements: height: 1, 60 m-0, 45 m Width-length 1 m....
Salted machine
Salted machine

Machine code: 610-284

Brand: Rheon

Rheon machine-pasta extruder savory and sweet, model 110 KN Production: 40 min. parts
products: chicken drumsticks (mini), polka dots, Brigadier and Truffles.
Without electric...
Pasta extruder
Pasta extruder

Machine code: 464-028

Brand: Braibanti

Extruder Braibanti brand.
production of approximately 250 kg per hour.
for pasta, rations, among others....

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